Los Angeles, The Angels

After living in San Francisco for about 7 years, I landed in a magical place a couple of years ago called Los Angeles. It is what I called now home.

LA- as is referred by the locals, is known for super over the top Everything. Movies stars paradise most likely first comes to mind, biggest mansions to the “Rich and Famous”, the scariest traffic jams, record facial and body transformations, a place where dreams come true, to name a few. And yes, all of it is relatively true. I, However, ended up in this exciting city because of its never ending sunny weather and amazing beaches! and to tell the true, it hasn’t disappointed me.

But basically Los Angeles is more like a group of suburbs instead of a single city, which makes it more interesting as it presents diverse attractions and reasons to enjoy. Whether you are visiting or live here, this is small run down of some of its districts:

Downtown, essentially a business mecca but has become increasingly hip and social as well. For the ones the have a passion for the Art, sports or music, these two places are highly recommended for a special outing: The Museum of Modern Art and the Staples Center. You can also enjoy a stroll in Koreatown, Little Tokyo, and the historic Union Station.

IMG_0503Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Hollywood, well known as “Tinseltown” is the base of the film and entertainment industry. Here you can eye the famed Hollywood sign and “walk over ” at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It includes West Hollywood (WeHo) and its active nightlife, as well as North Hollywood, home to NoHo Arts District.

IMG_0925Hollywood and Highland

Westside, located on the western part of LA which stretches between some very lavishcities like Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive anyone?, Bel Air and it’s incredible and secluded homes,  Westwood, where students thrive at the UCLA campus and Brentwood, whose affluent residents were thrown into the map because of the O.J. Simpson scandal.

IMG_0829.JPGRodeo Drive

Coastal Area, here you go to enjoy the sun and beaches like Santa Monica,  with my favorite stop is the SM Pier. Venice with the sporty boardwalko. Marina del Rey, LA’s own Marina. Malibu coastal prime real estate. At the other end you will find Palos Verdes, home to breaktaking views and fancy golf/hotel clubs as well as Redondo Beach, a fun place to visit with the whole family.

IMG_0614.JPG Santa Monica

Culver City, where Sony picture and Culver studios are staple and West Los Angeles, which includes Century city where the Westfield shopping mall draws lots of visitors. Two urban residential areas that are full of fun urban shops and restaurant s and great energy.

meWestfield mall encounter with Latino star Eugenio Derbez

Here in Los Angeles when the Sun comes out it feels like anything is possible. Every day a new chance to face your destiny and follow your dreams!




Let’s explore Peru and the US


They said that traveling would never go out of style. And by this blog you will see I highly agreed.


  Traveling and exploring has been essential for humankind since the beginning of time, it’s a intricate part of us and in many ways, defines us. We are a collection of memories and hold dear our past, especially when we have the opportunity to “flight away” and discover the many faces and places our wonderful world has to offer us. This is where I come from. Being born and raised in Lima and then finally relocated in sunny California, I feel a strong connection between these two wonderful cities. Peru and the United states might be miles away but through the magic of the Web, is only a few seconds apart-depending on the indispensable WiFi. In this blog I will attempt to give you a scope of some of Lima and California essence and culture. By trying to highlight some of their history, people, traditions and sights hopefully we’ll  discover some of their treasures and mysteries.

  Peru is known for a few things, and yes Machu Picchu may be one of the most wonderful sites but we will also showcase their vast and delicious culinary journey, some very authentic dances, and explore the diversity between Central (Center), Sierra (Mountain) and Selva (Jungle) regions.

  From sunny California, there are endless possibilities. where do we start? San Francisco, the city by the Bay. Los Angeles, known to be home of movie stars and amazing beaches. The saints San Diego, San Jose or Santa Barbara. Staples like Napa & Sonoma, Disneyland and Hollywood. There are all uniquely beautiful and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite stops and restaurants. Let’s take the ride in, merge in one and the other with easy and a little Love. Yes, Love, as the love between these two wonderful place is what motivates the sharing of this journal.

Thank you kindly for reading it. Buen Viaje!












Lima, 15 fan fact visitors guide

Here a list of random and interesting, hopefully useful facts about the city where I was born:

  1. Named “La Ciudad de los Reyes” or City of the Kinds by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535
  2. It’s the biggest city of Peru and second dessert town in the world, after Cairo, Egypt
  3. Main airport is Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM)
  4. Callao is Lima’s port, one of the oldest and largest harbors of South Americaspanish-colonial-port-of-callao-peru-circa-1620-bn0j46
  5. Local currency is Nuevo Sol. As of today $1=S/.3.36 soles
  6. Averages temperatures are mild ranging from 54F to 64F, and as high of upper 80’s during Summer months (Dec-April)
  7. Surfing at La Herradura in a pacific ocean area of Costa Verde is one stop where the locals go to get their trill as its one of the coolest break points in Lima
  8. Peruvian food is recognized around the wold as one of the most unique and large culinary expressions. Largely known as The Ceviche home birth place, and an exquisite Lomo Saltado may articles to read but this one is a recent one: FOOD
  9. Lima’s telephone area code: dial (1) for the city of Lima then (51) for Peru, them the number
  10. With a heavy population of over 10 millions and new constructions popping out everywhere, be aware of traffic jams around some main roads. You can still sight plenty of Colonial architecture getPart
  11. Miraflores is a very tourist area and its has some our the best beaches and restaurants. Also hotel accommodations for every budget including a popular chain Casa Andina  and one of my fave JW Marriott Hotel Lima
  12. When you go, don’t stress. Peruvians are a fun mix, just enjoyed the experience. But as my mama always said, be informed of your surroundings 🙂 pic.jpg
  13.  While there you have a couple of typical drink choices, non alchoholic Inka Kola or our delicious purple drink Chicha Morada. But for a party night try our famous Pisco sour or Peruvian beer, both very refreshing!
  14. Dance some fun Peruvian Cumbia
  15. Here Gaston Acurio, Peru’s biggest star chef introducing one of his books but also a quick intro to what Peruvian culinary sensory trip m look like

Machu Picchu, “Old Mountain” (Part Time)

I figure it would be reasonable to start this blog with one of the most recognizable places in Peru, the undeniably mysterious Machu Picchu.


         Photo courtesy:  National geography

   When I have the chance to visit the Inca city back in 2010, I did it the way most tourists experience it. By that I mean, I am from Lima, Peru’s capital which is at Sea level. So we took a short plane ride to Cuzco (about 3 hrs) , next day we got in the train from Cuzco Poroy Station to Machu Picchu ( 4 hrs) and last a bus ride to climb up the last part of the journey (25mins). This majestic city that was built atop two mountains at an impressive 7,970 ft (2,430 m) above sea level may present a challenge to those wary of heights. But if you have the body and mental capacity you can trek and venture into “Los Caminos del Inca” expedition which takes about 4 days.  Either way, the result is short of magnificent.

Sometimes you wait for something so spectacular to blow your mind, a puzzle, you may said, that pure logic won’t just explain. Seeing this relative small citadel in the middle of nowhere, with so many questions that include: why there, how were they able to build it, and what was its purpose? one cannot help but to wonder.  And feel its magical energy.     Some answers are at hand.

Build by the last Inca emperor Atahualpa around 1450 in a strategic location, possible as a fortress and exclusive retreat for the royal and Inca elite. But legends lingers and many still believe that it was a secret ceremonial city devoted to the God sun, occupied by virgins. Or the more plausible idea that it was an astronomical observatory. Whatever the real reason for what is now considered part of the New Seven Wonders of the World as well as UNESCO World Heritage Site to exist, we will always marvel at the engineering powers if the Inca community. As one of the biggest questions is how were they able to cut and lift some giants dry stone-some at 50 tons weight- to the top of the mountains without iron tools or wheels still stands in place. And how did they fit the stones together so tightly, not even a needle can go through. To be honest, that one makes my head spin a bit, just super neat!

As one might guess, I’m a bit partial to the past glories of Machu Picchu and  its significance in the world we live in today. At a time where everything is at our fingertips, longing to still discover something special is like a breath of fresh air.

To be continue….:)